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08/06/2018 0 comments

After the experience I acquired throughout my life travelling around different countries - almost half of our planet - I felt the need to introduce my land to the world and to show the incredible wonders of a territory that, despite belonging to a tourist place like Spain, is a great stranger for the traveller.
Having visited jungles like Borneo, I discovered that our national park As Fragas do Eume, is as rich as them, although with a different fauna. Having visited the beaches of the Caribbean Sea, Asia, and Oceania, I discovered that all of them have an equivalent here, from the Cíes Islands to As Catedrais, as well as Corrubedo and Doniños. Having visited monuments in Europe, Asia, America, and Africa, I discovered that our Monasterio de Caaveiro and Torre de Hércules are at the same level as any of them.
In short, Galicia is a place where you can enjoy wonderful experiences by practicing all kinds of sports in contact with the nature such as surfing, mountain bike, trekking, paragliding, canyoning ... and where motor lovers will enjoy the best rally competitions. In Galicia there are lots of virgin undiscovered places, and there is no distance to go from the beach to the mountain.
Due to all this, I have prepared a warm, modern, high-quality and central place, from which you will be able to visit our entire territory and to you enjoy our hospitality and cuisine. Do not miss the opportunity, come and meet us! We will do the rest so that you will want to repeat the experience.
Fátima Ameneiro – CEO Tourist apartments AUGA